Yield Farming has recently been the focus of interest and discussion in the broader crypto community, initiating a new era for DeFi via liquidity mining.
The popular formulas of current liquidity mining are:
Daily output per user = Daily output of the mining pool * Staked amount/Total staked amount
Under this model, the whales become the top winners; they can easily take away nearly all liquidity rewards and irrational sellout their yield. And this is a harsh predatory game for shrimps. With the rise of yield farming, whales are the most common concern for DeFi farmers.
To solve this problem and toward a more sustainable ecosystem of DeFi, we create the Liquidity LP with algorithmic adjusted. Earn Rewards by providing liquidity
The Level transaction will apply to the EXO TOKEN used to create LP and again on removal of LP. If your disposal is before the time, you will not receive the reward. You do not need a validator; you put it in and remove it whenever you want.
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