đŸ“ĸBrand Guidelines

Exohood Labs embodies the convergence of three transformative technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Blockchain (AQB). Our identity is rooted in the belief that the synergy of these three pillars is key to advancing the technological revolution.

Brand Identity


To drive the technological revolution through the synergy of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Quantum Computing.


To integrate AI, quantum technology, and blockchain into a unified force for innovative scientific research and practical, sustainable solutions.

Core Values

  • Synergy: Combining AI, Blockchain, and Quantum Computing to transcend traditional technological boundaries.

  • Revolution: Pioneering change and setting new standards in the technological landscape.

  • Excellence: Striving for the highest quality and breakthroughs in all areas of our research and development.

  • Ethics: Committing to responsible and sustainable technological growth that benefits society as a whole.

Visual Identity

  • The Exohood Labs logo represents the union of three technological "Spaceships" — Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computing and Blockchain (AQB) — converging to form a dynamic and powerful structure.

  • The color red symbolizes the vibrancy and passion of the technological revolution, a hallmark of our brand's pioneering spirit.

Color Palette

  • Primary Color: A deep and rich red, indicative of our revolutionary approach to technology.

  • Complementary Colors: A palette of black, white, and grays for professional applications, ensuring the logo stands out.


  • Primary Font: A sleek, modern sans-serif font for clear communication.

  • Secondary Font: A technical, monospaced font for showcasing our commitment to precision in research and development documentation.

Communication Guidelines

Tone and Voice

  • Confident and forward-thinking, mirroring our role as a nexus for technological innovation.

  • Collaborative and visionary, reflecting our ethos of unity across diverse technological domains.


  • Articulate the integrative power of our triad: AI, Quantum Computing and Blockchain.

  • Emphasize the revolutionary impact of our collective technological endeavors.

Digital Presence

  • Our digital platforms will serve as a beacon for technological insights, featuring the depth and breadth of our work in AI, Quantum Computing and Blockchain.

  • Engagement across our platforms will be conducted with the utmost professionalism, providing a window into the revolutionary world of Exohood Labs.

Usage and Permissions

  • The Exohood Labs brand, including logos, name, and associated symbols, is a registered trademark and requires explicit authorization for use.

  • Any use of the brand in publications, media, or associated products must be approved in advance by Exohood Labs Brand Management Team to ensure consistency and alignment with our brand values and identity.

đŸ“Ŧ Email: brand@exohood.com

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