Exohood Labs


Your Ultimate DeFi Solution for Seamless Crypto Exchanges
ExoSwap DeFi Quotes, a Meta DEX aggregator, brings together all major DEX aggregators like 1inch, Kyberswap, and more to offer a comprehensive and unified ranking of quotes available on 17 different blockchains. The best part? No smart-contract is involved on the ExoSwap end, ensuring an efficient and secure exchange experience.
Our Product:
ExoSwap's aggregator API is the driving force behind the Exohood swap system, empowering users to access the world of decentralized finance effortlessly.
Decentralization at its Core:
ExoSwap is built on the principles of true decentralization. It is a software of open-source code where anyone can participate and contribute. All critical decisions are taken through governance by the token EXO, ensuring a completely decentralized ecosystem.
Supported Chains:
ExoSwap seamlessly supports and calls multiple chains, including industry giants like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and more. Additionally, ExoSwap is the sole aggregator providing services on certain chains, ensuring you have the best possible experience.
Web3 Native Crypto Data Aggregator:
With ExoSwap, you can trust that the blockchain data is reliable and curated by the community, ensuring transparency and accuracy throughout every transaction. Embrace the power of Web3 and experience a DeFi solution like never before with ExoSwap.

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