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Plug and Play, Connecting Simplicity with Innovation!

A Place Where Technology Meets Purpose

Our nonprofit R&D organization boasts a seasoned team with 30 years of cumulative experience, driving innovation across a spectrum of industries. This rich history of technological breakthroughs and research excellence has profoundly impacted everyday life, enhancing experiences at home, work, school and play.
From our bases in Palo Alto, London, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, our diverse and talented teams foster cross disciplinary collaboration. We embrace an integrated approach to tackle global challenges head on, supported by over 500 dedicated collaborators through our innovative OpenExus program.
Our areas of expertise include AI, quantum computing, blockchain, education, biomedicine, space exploration, energy and robotics. We are committed to pioneering new industries and aim to create billions in market value, ensuring our contributions have lasting benefits for society.

Our Mission

Technology for a Better Tomorrow

At the heart of Exohood Labs lies a mission that transcends mere technological innovation. We are dedicated to transitioning our solutions from conceptual breakthroughs to impactful commercial applications. Collaborating closely with companies, governments, nonprofits and foundations, we strive to usher our emerging technologies, groundbreaking ideas, research, and innovations into the marketplace. Our goal is to ensure these advancements reach the individuals and communities poised to benefit most significantly from them.
Central to our ethos is the conviction that technology must serve as a catalyst for positive change. Every innovation that emerges from Exohood Labs is meticulously assessed for its capacity to enhance human lives and safeguard our planet. This principle guides every endeavor we undertake, marrying ethical foresight with the frontier of technological progress.
Investing in the future forms the cornerstone of our approach. The revenues generated from our R&D endeavors, commercialization efforts, and marketplace solutions are conscientiously reinvested into Exohood Labs. This reinvestment enhances our capabilities, facilities, and staff, enabling us to advance our mission and address the evolving needs of tomorrow with greater efficacy and vision.
By committing to this path, we not only foster technological advancement but also ensure that our innovations contribute to a sustainable and equitable future for all. Exohood Labs stands at the intersection of innovation and responsibility, where every project embarked upon is a step towards a better world.

Core Values

Our values are the pillars upon which our work ethic rests:
  • Intentional Innovation: Our focus is steadfast on developing technology with intent and impact, aligning with our goals of a better tomorrow.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Through our OpenExus program, we champion a culture of openness and community driven progress.
  • Environmental Consciousness: We are mindful of our ecological footprint, leveraging blockchain efficiency to enact sustainable practices.


  • A Synergy of AQB: We are deeply invested in the integration of AI, quantum technology and blockchain to foster a secure, transparent and efficient future.
  • Quantum and AI Integration: The combination of quantum technology and AI is where incredible computational power meets cutting edge intelligence.
  • Science and Integrity: Our foundation is built on the principles of science and cryptography, ensuring trust and honesty through the blockchain's immutable records.
  • Diversity as a Strength: We understand that innovation thrives on diverse thoughts and experiences, and we are committed to equality and diversity in every aspect of our work.
  • Tech Responsibility: We are acutely aware of our role as technologists in the stewardship of the environment and strive for responsibility in all our endeavors.
  • AI for Empowerment: Our AI solutions are designed with the goal of empowering communities, enhancing well being and unlocking human potential.

Plug and Play Philosophy

Plug and Play, Connecting Simplicity with Innovation!
At Exohood Labs, we embrace this mantra. Our technology is designed to be accessible and user friendly, ensuring that the sophistication of AI, blockchain and quantum computing is matched with seamless integration into everyday life.

Invitation to Collaborate

We invite you to join us on this journey where technology is an enabler of change, not just an end in itself. Together, we can forge paths toward a sustainable, inclusive future where technology is a bridge to opportunities and a beacon of hope.
Innovation’s Unstoppable Advance

What does Exohood mean?

The name "Exohood" embodies our ethos deriving from the Ancient Greek words "Exo" signifying the external or beyond, and "planets" the eternal wanderers of space. Our mission? To bring a seemingly alien technology to Earth, pushing the boundaries of science as we know it be it in physics, mathematics or chemistry.
Infusing the transformative powers of AI, Blockchain and Quantum technology, we endeavor to craft solutions that seem beyond the realms of today's understanding. But it's not just about forging the future; it's about ensuring equitable access to it. Channeling the spirit of "Hood," inspired by the legendary Robin Hood, we see ourselves as the extraterrestrial vanguards of science. We aim to democratize information, ensuring free access and global participation.
In essence, Exohood is not just a technological force; it's a movement. We're here to redistribute the wonders of advanced science, ensuring that the fruits of our interstellar journey benefit all of humanity.

🌍 Website: exohood.com
📬 Email: [email protected]
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