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EXO Token

Please read the disclaimer section before using EXO token.
The introduction of the Exohood token "EXO" signifies a crucial advancement in defining the core functionality of the Exohood ecosystem. Distinctively, the EXO Token is conceptualized not as a traditional digital asset, but as an integral software component of a decentralized system, operating autonomously without direct human intervention.

Governance Empowerment

Central to the EXO Token's functionality is the enablement of comprehensive governance over the Exohood core. This role transcends traditional asset utility, allowing token holders to participate directly in decision making processes. This includes setting platform fees, determining auction dynamics for chain additions, and overseeing critical updates to the core system. These governance capabilities are embedded within the software framework of Exohood, ensuring a decentralized and community-driven approach.

Consensus Mechanism and Validator Operations

As a software entity, the EXO Token is instrumental in facilitating the consensus mechanism essential for the operational integrity of the Exohood platform. Stakeholders actively participate in this process by staking their EXO Tokens, which serves as both a commitment to maintaining the network's integrity and a deterrent against malicious activities.

Network Expansion and Chain Integration

The third core functionality of the EXO Token lies in enabling the expansion of the Exohood network through the addition of new chains, a process known as "bonding" This mechanism involves the temporary allocation of EXO Tokens, which are autonomously managed by the software, ensuring secure and efficient integration of new chains into the Exohood ecosystem.
In summary, the EXO Token is a foundational software element within Exohood’s decentralized architecture, empowering stakeholders to shape the platform’s future, safeguard its operations, and drive its expansion, all within an autonomous and user driven framework.

Use cases

  • Governance: The Exohood token enables community ownership and active stewardship of the Protocol. EXO holders govern the Protocol through an on-chain governance process.
  • Incentives: EXO tokens allows users to earn rewards by providing liquidity.
  • Multichain: EXO token is enable to make transactions between several networks, which can be Layer 1s, Layer 2s, or even off-chain services.

EXO supply dynamics

The native asset of the Exohood Protocol is EXO, and there is no cap on its overall supply. But its total outstanding supply can be calibrated in three key ways:
  • Staking by validators to secure the liquidity ecosystem.
  • Staking by nominators who contribute their EXO to validators.
  • Bonding by adding new chains on the platform.
Note: Exonomics is a subject to change without notice at any time while the multichain project is in beta.

Contract Addresses

🟢 Mainnet
  • Ethereum: 0xbd8005612124DC30601E22D8B5d188A89767c640
  • Polygon: 0xbd8005612124DC30601E22D8B5d188A89767c640
  • BNB Chain: 0x7d10b6157c7c577caa62d319dc215209cf2db8c3
🟡 Testnet
  • Ethereum: 0x24D0753665a72A579966A38863Fd1B89686F98F4
  • Tron: TEnrAobL2Wia4rBTNamqQQj6YBGpdv7Cui
Note: EXO Token on BNB Chain isn't a multichain contract, it's the Exohood team working in a wrapped solution to include in multichain platform.


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