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Detailed Development Roadmap 2019-2026
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⚙️ Open Repositories:
🧠Exania Neural Network: https://github.com/exohood/exania-neural-network​
🔋Exania Quantum: https://github.com/exohood/exania-quantum​
🤖Exania Telegram Bot: https://github.com/exohood/exania-telegram-bot​
🤖Exania Twitter Bot: https://github.com/exohood/exania-twitter-bot​
🌎 Website: exania.ai​
🖥 Exania Platform: start.exania.ai ​

2019 Q3 - 2021 Q2

✅ Academic Research: The inception of our AI initiative at Exohood Labs traces back to an early vision conceived in 2007 at SMART PC. However, it was on August 7, 2019, when this vision began to materialize into reality. Marked by the commencement of a groundbreaking research project by JJ at Cima Safe Labs, this initiative was our first foray into the realm of artificial intelligence, with the project later named Fiona. Documented in a comprehensive technical paper, the primary focus was on developing AI algorithms dedicated to the protection of personal data, particularly targeting identity theft prevention. A key aspect of this research was the integration of a blockchain database, a step reflecting our commitment to innovative, secure digital safety solutions. This foundational work at Cima Safe Labs set the technical groundwork for the subsequent expansive developments at Exohood Labs. By June 7, 2021, the project underwent a pivotal transformation, expanding to include advanced blockchain and quantum technology applications. This evolution signified a redefinition of the AI’s purpose and functionalities, culminating in the rebranding of Fiona to Exania, thereby marking a new phase in our research and development efforts in the field of artificial intelligence.

2021 Q3 - 2022 Q2

✅ Academic Research: The foundational research that eventually led to our present AI systems began on August 7, 2019, with JJ’s project at Cima Safe Labs. This initial research project focused on developing an AI, initially named 'Fiona', with the primary goal of utilizing advanced algorithmic approaches to protect personal data from identity theft. A key feature of Fiona was the integration of a blockchain database, enhancing the security and integrity of the stored data. Over time, this early framework underwent significant evolution and refinement under the stewardship of Exohood Labs, where a fusion of blockchain and emerging quantum technologies was explored. The transformation of this project reached a pivotal point on June 7, 2021, when Fiona's objectives and functionalities were substantially broadened and redefined, leading to its rebranding as 'Exania'. This marked a significant shift in the project’s trajectory, redirecting it towards a wider array of AI applications and setting a new course for our ongoing research and development in AI.
As we continue to develop the Exania model, our focus extends beyond the realm of traditional software engineering, delving into the intricate world of advanced neural networks and blockchain technology. The complexity of Exania's design is rooted in its capability to emulate the human brain's synaptic plasticity. By adjusting the synaptic strengths between neural connections, Exania's neural networks are being engineered to collectively learn and perform complex tasks, each network architecture fine-tuned for specific data driven challenges.
In the domain of visual cognition, our approach incorporates Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), which are being tailored to extract hierarchical features from visual inputs, translating pixels into meaningful perceptions. This is vital for achieving sophisticated image recognition capabilities. Similarly, the inclusion of Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) with Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) cells is instrumental in revolutionizing sequence prediction, a crucial aspect of processing and understanding temporal data sequences. The integration of Transformer models is also underway, aiming to significantly enhance our capabilities in Natural Language Processing (NLP) by enabling efficient parallel processing of sequential data.
Simultaneously, we are exploring the integration of blockchain technology as a foundational layer for data security and integrity within Exania. In today's digital landscape, marred by increasing cyber threats and data breaches, our aim is to utilize blockchain's decentralized and immutable ledger system to ensure the authenticity and originality of each data piece processed by Exania.
Addressing the infrastructural needs of Exania is a substantial undertaking. We are in the process of assembling high throughput computational resources, extensive data storage capacities, and sophisticated algorithmic frameworks. Scalability is a paramount concern, given the ever expanding volume of data and escalating complexity of tasks that Exania is expected to handle.
The training of Exania is envisioned to be an extensive endeavor, requiring a vast corpus of diverse and comprehensive datasets. These datasets, ranging from Wikipedia's structured information to the unstructured data of GitHub and Common Crawl, are laden with complexities and irregularities. Our team is focusing on developing rigorous preprocessing and normalization techniques to effectively distill and harness this information for Exania's learning processes.
In summary, the ongoing development of Exania is a multifaceted and ambitious project, requiring a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technologies and innovative engineering solutions. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of AI, ensuring that Exania emerges not just as a technological marvel but as a model that truly epitomizes the fusion of advanced computation and humanistic values.

2022 Q3

Repository Setup
✅ Welcome message and project description on GitHub
✅ Research on advanced neural networks using Python and TensorFlow

2022 Q4

Core Development
✅ ML Algorithm development in R and Python
✅ Database Structure Design using SQL

2023 Q1

Advanced Development
✅ Backend Development with Node.js
✅ Frontend Development with React.js
✅ Quantum Calculations and Initial Quantum Testing

2023 Q2

Connectivity and Learning Enhancement
✅ Establish internet connectivity to facilitate continuous learning from online resources like Wikipedia and Common Crawl.
✅ Special deep learning server configuration for optimized performance
✅ Advanced neural node development and integration

2023 Q3

Testing and Optimization
✅ Unit Testing with Jest
✅ Performance Testing
✅ Security Auditing

2023 Q4

Advanced Testing and Initial Deployment
✅ Integration Testing
✅ Deployment on Staging Environment
✅ User Acceptance Testing
✅ Telegram Bot Prototyping Testing
✅ Twitter Bot Prototyping Testing
✅ UI/UX Design Prototyping with JavaScript and HTML/CSS
✅ Platform Early Access Program Testing
🕚 Users Feedback

2024 Q1

Quantum Blockchain Architecture Design
🕚 Conceptualizing a hybrid quantum blockchain platform structure.
🕚 Selection of advanced tech stacks, prioritizing post quantum cryptography.
🕚 Use of Haskell and Rust for foundational blockchain development due to their safety features

2024 Q2

Quantum Enhanced Blockchain Integration
  • Development of quantum resistant smart contracts.
  • Experimental phase on Q testnets to validate quantum robustness and resilience against potential quantum threats

2024 Q3

Algorithm Development & Backend Quantum Integration
  • Quantum algorithms deployment for enhanced data processing and AI operations.
  • Establishing quantum databases utilizing QRAM (Quantum Random Access Memory) and QAPIs.

2024 Q4

Frontend User Interface (with Quantum UX considerations)
  • Design and implementation of UI/UX that caters to quantum data visualization.
  • Exploitation of QML (Quantum Machine Learning) frameworks for predictive user experience.

2025 Q1

Local Quantum Server Testing
  • Deployment on localized quantum servers for initial verification.
  • Quantum load and entanglement evaluation.

2025 Q2

Quantum Security Audits
  • Comprehensive quantum vulnerability assessment.
  • Engaging top tier quantum security agencies for profound security sweeps.

2025 Q3

Advanced Development Team Onboarding
  • Recruitment of quantum blockchain experts.
  • Agile methodologies with quantum sprint considerations, like Quantum Kanban.

2025 Q4

Quantum Algorithm Optimization
  • Fine-tuning based on qubit feedback from Phase 1.
  • Delving deeper into quantum annealing for problem solving capabilities.

2026 Q1

Community Engagement & Quantum Public Feedback Loops
  • Initiation of quantum developer forums and communication channels.
  • Harnessing quantum entanglement principles for instantaneous feedback collection.

2026 Q2

Quantum Blockchain Scalability Enhancements
  • Implementation of quantum sharding techniques and quantum state channels.

2026 Q3

Public Quantum Beta & Live Qubit Testing
  • Release of Exania's quantum beta version to a select quantum ready audience.
  • Real time monitoring of quantum transactions and quantum gate operations.

2026 Q4

  • Quantum Developer Resources & Documentation
    • Quantum SDKs, qubit developer guides, and technical quantum documentations.
    • Nurturing a global quantum developer ecosystem around Exania.
  • UI/UX Refinement with Quantum Holography:
    • Incorporating holographic interfaces for 3D quantum data interaction.
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