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Our History

The Evolution of Exohood Labs

Foundational Years: The Conception of a Vision

Exohood Labs journey in scientific and technological innovation traces its roots back to 2007 within the creative confines of SMART PC. This period marked the genesis of a vision that was destined to redefine the landscape of scientific research. In these early days, our aspirations, akin to nascent stars, held the promise of future breakthroughs.

2007: The Inception of Ideas

During 2007, our aspirations, though ambitious, were yet to find their full expression. The requisite technology and knowledge were in their developmental phases. This year laid the groundwork for what would become a significant leap in technology and research.

2019: The Emergence of Fiona and AQB Nexus

The year 2019 witnessed the birth of Fiona at Cima Safe security lab, signifying our initial foray into AI and blockchain. Fiona represented a significant stride in personal data protection, utilizing advanced technologies that were once relegated to the realm of speculative science.

2020: Formal Establishment of Exohood Labs

In 2020, Exohood Labs was officially founded, marking a pivotal shift in our focus. We began to integrate emerging technologies with blockchain based databases, setting the stage for the Exania research project. This phase represented a fusion of human intellect and AI, expanding our research horizons.

2021: Exoverse and New Directions

As we progressed into 2021, Exohood Labs ventured into the realms of decentralized governance and tokenomics with the Exoverse project. This initiative wasn't just experimental, it was a venture into the possibilities of decentralized economies, reflecting our vision of a harmonious interplay between technology and society.

The Exohood Labs Approach: A Methodology of Exploration

At Exohood Labs, we delve into the dynamic field of AI with a commitment to discovery and innovation. Our methodologies are explorations into uncharted scientific territories. Utilizing the Exania AI engine, quantum technologies, and blockchain solutions, our research goes beyond mere investigation, it's a redefinition of scientific exploration.

Artificial Intelligence

For us, AI is the cornerstone of innovation. It's the driving force that challenges conventional research boundaries, infusing our scientific endeavors with effectiveness and transformative potential.

Quantum Technology and Blockchain

Quantum technology and blockchain are the foundational elements of our journey. These technologies act as catalysts, propelling us toward new frontiers in security, efficiency, and discovery.

From Vision to Reality

What began as a visionary dream in 2007 has evolved into a tangible reality. At Exohood Labs, our commitment transcends the development of mere tools. We are crafting a symphony of AI, quantum computing and blockchain, resonating with the rhythms of progress, sustainability and inclusivity.

2024: Advancing Space Exploration with Exo Galactic

In 2024, Exohood Labs takes a significant leap with the launch of Exo Galactic, a key initiative in our space research program. This project reflects our dedication to exploring new frontiers in space.
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