Exohood Smart Chain is Ethereum Virtual Machine compatible and supports all the existing Ethereum tooling.

Exohood Smart Chain

As blockchain technology offers the ideal answer with security, decentralization, and scalability throughout the entire protocol, the Exohood team is trying to advance it.
ExoChain is an innovative blockchain platform, meticulously designed with a focus on privacy and efficiency. We have developed this blockchain in a private setting to ensure optimal data protection and security for enterprises, while harnessing the power of blockchain technology.
Our blockchain is fully EVM-compatible, enabling businesses to leverage the wealth of smart contracts and decentralized applications within the Ethereum ecosystem. With ExoChain, a world of possibilities for secure and efficient data collaboration and exchange is unlocked.
ExoChain provides an all-encompassing solution for enterprises of all sizes and industries. Its robust and technically advanced interface empowers developers, experts, and proficient users to explore and create custom applications with complete control and security. Our platform equips businesses with a valuable toolkit to optimize operations, enhance transparency, and build reliable and resilient enterprise solutions.
Led by a highly skilled and knowledgeable team, spearheaded by Eureka, we have dedicated ourselves to refining ExoChain to meet the highest standards of performance and security. Our user-centric approach and relentless pursuit of excellence have culminated in a blockchain that blends the potency of EVM technology with the privacy and security enterprises demand.
With ExoChain, enterprises can immerse themselves in a sophisticated and highly functional blockchain ecosystem, engineered to drive growth and competitiveness in today's digital economy. Whether accelerating processes, improving supply chain traceability, or ensuring data integrity, ExoChain stands as the definitive solution to address your most demanding business needs.