Ambassador Program
The Merry Outlaws Community has seen explosive growth since the launch of EXO token, with twitter followers reaching 500 and telegram followers reaching 750 within a week. Thank you for your participation! In order to promote the development of Exohood global community, now we are recruiting volunteers from all around the world. We will choose 5 from all the volunteers acting as EXO ambassador, looking forward to everyone who is enthusiastic about Exohood to join us!
Exohood is an open-source project, advocating for spirit of decentralization, openness, freedom and evolution. Community is the soul of Exohood, and Exo Ambassador is the guide to community development for all members.

Application Form

Coming Soon


  • Submit your detailed work plan for the next 1-2 months with the application form, and submit your work report every two weeks or one month.
  • Be honest, transparent and responsible to the The Merry Outlaws Community. Speak strongly for Exohood on social media and spread EXO news and events to the community.


One month later, The Merry Outlaws Community will elect Ambassadors based on their proposals and hold a voting session. The volunteers would call on community to vote for themselves. Top 5 volunteers who receives most amount of votes will be elected as Exo Ambassadors.

Ambassador Rights

  • Exo Ambassador Medal NFT
  • Chance of representing Exohood to attend events
  • Financial support
Should you have other ideas/suggestions, please send an email to [email protected]
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